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Hornets on the Internets: Monday, Monday Edition.

Your morning links. Happy I have to go the damn dentist for a two and a half hour appointment day.


As you probably know, the Hornets beat the Nuggets last night. My recap is here, the Hornets247 recap is here, and Swarm and Sting's take is here. Something those guys noted that I neglected to is that Monty Williams seemed to underutilize Emeka Okafor last night. Regardless, it was good to beat the Nuggets.

Marco Belinelli loves NOLA. We love you too Marco. has a nice article up about Emeka and his recent play. Personally, I always enjoy reading about Mek. He's a cool dude.

From NewsOK, another article about the future of basketball in New Orleans. There's nothing new here really, but it's a decent summary.

I hope I get some of this at the dentist.