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Another Look at Point Guards. Sigh.

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In some ways, I almost feel bad writing this post. I have no idea what the front office is doing right now. Entirely no idea. A trade for Deron Williams to fill the backup PG role could be in the works. But for now, the timeline appears as stale as ever.

A quick recap:

July 20th: Hornets hire Dell Demps
August 11th: Hornets trade Collison, acquire Ariza
August 25th: Hornets sign M. Shakur to a non-guaranteed contract

Assuming Shakur's headed for that third string role, the Hornets have gone almost an entire month now without a backup point guard. On August 19th, we speculated in this thread as to the remaining FA options. After the jump, the (mostly) comprehensive list compiled on that date:


  • Sundiata Gaines
  • Earl Watson
  • Earl Boykins
  • Rafer Alston
  • Chucky Atkins
  • Bobby Brown
  • Cedrick Jackson
  • Patrick Mills
  • Jannero Pargo
  • Chris Quinn
  • Jamaal Tinsley
  • Marcus Williams
  • Mustafa Shakur

Interestingly enough, every single one of those options, save M. Shakur, is still available. It lends some credence to the idea that the Hornets are trying to plug the backup PG hole (or various other holes) via trade. The front office more or less knew that these guys would all be available deep into September. And so it makes sense not to sign any of them until other options have been explored. It makes the whole process more boring for us, but perhaps there's some madness to the method. Or something.