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This Isn't New, But It's News

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A couple little bits of news via ESPN Insider (aka via the Times Picayune). 

Marcus Thornton had a terrific rookie season last year for the Hornets. He should be the starting shooting guard this upcoming season, but head coach Monty Williams may go with newcomer Marco Belinelli.

"To me, it's about fit," Williams tells The Times-Picayune. "What guy fits best with that starting unit. Do we need more shooting or more slashers and athleticism? The challenge for Marcus is not to rest on what he did last year but learn to become a consistent professional.

Trevor Ariza could start at shooting guard if Williams chooses to start Peja Stojakovic at small forward. Stojakovic has a bad back and it may be best to start him while his back is warmed up.

And re: the rest of the summer:

"My gut feeling is that we are not done yet," Williams told The Times-Picayune. "Dell and I share information on both sides. I talk to him about players and he talks to me about things we can do. Maybe that's one of the reasons why we work so well together.

Demps could trade Peja Stojakovic ($14.25 million) or Darius Songaila ($4.81 million), as they both have expiring contracts.

I'm still not convinced that viable trade partners are out there, or that we should put too much stock in this quote. Either way, it's nice to see the words "Hornets" in an ESPN story. Been a while.