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Hollinger: "Hornets Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight"

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Some context:

Chris Paul's frustration might only grow after this season because I'm projecting the Hornets to be just good enough to tantalize him with the prospect of the playoffs before falling short.

The problem is that organizationally, the team is bringing a gun to a knife fight, and once any injuries hit, the second unit's weaknesses will be laid bare. The Hornets' chief competitors for the playoffs in the West all have more resources, deeper benches and, I suspect, a deeper will to spend their way over the hump if push comes to shove.

So I'm not really sure what it means. I try to stay clear of knife fights most of the time, but a gun certainly seems like it would be useful. Maybe Hollinger's suggesting that a knife could double as a shield, and the rest of the conference is so talented that they'll deflect all our bullets, and then stab us. Yeah, that must be it.