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Four Willie Green and Jason Smith Questions with Liberty Ballers

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I think our thoughts on yesterday's trade thing are fairly clear: we got two mediocre players, one of whom might fit a certain role better than the other ones wouldn't have not, but it doesn't really matter anyways (probably) because these are, like, the 10th and 11th strings. Or something. 

Attempting to improve that picture for us is Michael of Liberty Ballers, among the premier LeVins of our generation. 


1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Willie Green's game?

Willie isn't good at one particular thing. He can kind of shoot, he can sometimes dribble, and he's an occasional passer. He has a high basketball IQ but lacks the shot selection to prove it. Bill can get hot from time to time, but even when he does it's not beneficial to the team because his usage rate skyrockets. With a 45.6% career eFG% and a 23% usage rate, efficiency is not really his thing. He's a less able Marcus Thornton without the jump shot. If you're into the less-than-tangible stuff, he hustles and he's a great teammate. He also told me he prefers being called "Billiam" but I may just be making that up.

2. How do you think he'd do in a backup point guard role?
He ran the point very rarely during his seven year career in Philly, and it was mostly limited to isolation situations (name of my dad's band). His career assist per 36 minutes is a minute 2.9 and a 13.7 assist percentage is not tremendous for a point guard. But in a backup role for CP3, who won't be sitting very often, Willie should be able to handle it because he's quick and relatively smart. His ability to attack the basket should spread the floor for some of your shooters, but he's really going to have to commit himself to becoming a distributor. I don't agree with the move, but I don't think it's the worst idea in the world either. 

3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Jason Smith's game?

J-Smooth is a smart basketball player with limited athleticism and skill. In college he had a nice mid-range game that helped him score over smaller defenders, but he hasn't shown that much in the pros. He's not quick but he does hustle his ass off and tries his very hardest to be aggressive, often resulting in comedy for all. Smith is light on the boards and on defense because he's laterally impaired. If he can get stronger and commit to defense and a little outside shot, he could theoretically have some value. But there's really not much about his game that I like aside from his occasional spiked hair. Oh and he made out with porn star Mary Carey, so there's that. 

4. Is he better as a PF or a C?

He's not strong enough to defend most centers, but in today's NBA it really depends on personnel. Because he has played both positions, I'd say he can do either, but not particularly well. There's no way Smith could cover an athletic 4, so I would say he's better off a center but it's a moot point considering his poor defense.

So there you have it. It's looking like Jannero Pargo may still join the team after all, possibly rendering the Green to the point point pointless. Thanks much to M. Levin for insight that goes beyond Green's and Smith's stats.