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Breaking: Hornets Trade Darius Songaila and Craig Brackins to Philadelphia

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Hornets have dealt Craig Brackins and Darius Songaila to the Sixers for Willie Green and Jason Smith.

Yeah. Cue the disclaimers that come with any rapid reaction, but this trade, assuming it's not paving the way for another one, is bad.

Let's start with the guys we're getting.

Green and Smith

Willie Green is a 29 year old, 6'4" off guard who can't particularly shoot (45.6% career eFG%), or defend all that well (according to B-Pro). He'll make about $4 million dollars this season. He's coming off a flukey scoring efficiency season (53.8% true shooting). He's one of those guys that always seems to get minutes regardless of his mediocrity (which should (a) remind you of someone, and (b) make you shudder). I have literally no idea why Dell Demps would want him in a trade. He's overpaid, he's not good, and he'll take minutes away from Marco Belinelli, a guy who does have at least one above-average skill.

Jason Smith is a 24 year old 7 footer who appears to have a severe distaste for the paint. His career 9/16/12 rebounding line is mildly disturbing at best (recalling that 10/20/15 is average for bigs). But despite his paint aversions, he's not a good shooter either. His career 46% eFG% barely edges out Willie Green's. I can't think of a single way he complements or reinforces the skills of David West, Emeka Okafor, or Aaron Gray. In many ways, he's a taller, severely worse version of Darius Songaila. He'll make slightly more than $2 million dollars.

Brackins and Songaila

While Darius Songaila was certainly overpaid and is right around league average, he also brought tangible value to the team. He stretched the floor, and probably would have played better if he hadn't been stuck at center so often. Neither his 7/14/11 career rebounding line or 50% eFG% should be hard to replace, but that doesn't make him entirely value-less. At $5 million dollars, he was an example of a good expiring contract- a medium, but not crippling contract, with enough game to at least contribute on most teams.  

And as far as Craig Brackins goes... we/you/I can/have/will have griped about him (a lot), but he's still a rookie on an awesome contract with a lot of potential. Sure, maybe he didn't rebound the way we would've liked during summer league. He's still 22 and has decent odds of being the best player in this deal. Some may point to the fact that New Orleans saves some salary overall (looking to next year), but throwing away rookie contracts is nothing to brag about.

If I were to rank the players in this deal in the order I'd want them (taking into consideration age, production, and market value), things would proceed thusly:

Smith < Green < Songaila < Brackins

Have I mentioned yet that I hate this trade?

I hope this is a precursor to something bigger. There's no way Dell Demps did this trade in a vacuum. There just isn't.