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Chris Paul Never Asked Out

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Good morning sweet world. It's been months since I last wrote a post that wasn't an attempt to boil a player's entire season down to a single, arbitrary number, but here we are. 

Via The Sporting News, via Monty Williams' mouth: 

"You can say [the rumor mill] has settled down now, but it was settled before that. For me, it was never an issue. Chris never said anything about a trade. He never asked for a trade."

That's.. interesting. Assuming Monty Williams was in attendance at the infamous "Chris Paul meets with the Front Office! Ahhh!" tete-a-tete, it's all the more intriguing. It pretty much undermines all the reasons the media reported for the meeting's very existence. So, yeah.

This also means that At the Hive's tenuous/vaporous/twiggy insider sources are now batting 1 for 1. Mmm, twiggy.