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Sunday Discussion: Remaining FA's

It's been more than a month since we drew up our first list of potential FA's. Since then, literally every guy- from Ronnie Brewer to Keith Bogans- has been signed.

New Orleans still only has 12 players under contract, and as Queenbee pointed out yesterday, only three guards. We've discussed the merits of a guy like Rashad McCants (pretty divisive fellow) before, but not many other options. So, today's topic: who do you want, and what kind of contract would be reasonable?

Peachtree Hoops has a great list of the remaining guys here. Some of my favorites:


  • Lou Amundson, PF
  • Josh Boone, PF
  • Rodney Carney, SF
  • Luther Head, SG (Joke. Or is it???)


So who do you not want the least?