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New Orleans Was Looking At Shannon Brown?

Shannon Brown returned to the Lakers today (even though Sasha Vujacic is yet to be dumped on a hapless victim. /knocks on wood). Via ESPN, though, comes this snippet:

Brown is likely the last piece of the Lakers' offseason puzzle. Though the negotiations took longer than expected, he and the team had expressed a desire to work a deal. Brown strongly considered the New York Knicks and New Orleans Hornets.

So apparently the team has been in the market for some of the bigger name free agents remaining, though nothing's officially happened since the Luther Fiasco. I remarked last month that Shannon Brown could be a potential fit as an athletic wing. But the fact remains: Los Angeles is a remarkable fit for him- he gets a ton of shots created for him offensively, has very good cover defensively, and he still isn't that good or that efficient. Seeing him team up with Chris Paul would likely have been awesome, but I wouldn't get too worked up about it.