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Sunday Discussion: Blogging Integrity

Sorry for the late Discussion topic; feel free to carry over this discussion into Monday (around the next Approval Rating).

I'm not sure how many of you have seen the emerging Pension Plan Puppets-Toronto Sun story.

A quick summary:

The story itself is pretty nuanced. There's a question of PPP breaking international copyright law by re-publishing an entire story in a different language without consent from the original authors (though I doubt the original authors would care, and if they're breaking a law, it's an archaic one). There's a question of the Toronto Sun's rather blatant plagiarism (though the Sun likely isn't breaking any copyright laws by simply providing stolen excerpts). And there's the continuing issue of the blogosphere's relationship with mainstream media. 

I guess relevant topics include: do you get news from blogs, newspapers, newspaper websites, or all three? Do you consciously differentiate between what sources you are reading? What steps do you see as most critical for blogging to reach MSM-level credibility- access? better writing? time?