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Hornets on the Internets: The NBA Carousel Edition

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ESPN's Mark Stein is reporting that Jeff Bower is a finalist for the Suns' GM position, a position that current Hornets GM Dell Demps turned down.

[Suns owner Robert] Sarver acknowledged when he chose [new Head of Basketball Ops Lon] Babby to replace [recently fired GM Steve] Kerr that selecting an agent to head a team's front office is "venturing outside the norm a little bit." But Sarver has said wants to form a personnel team that has expertise in negotiations, salary-cap matters and analytics in addition to pure personnel men.

"I'm going to play to my strengths. I know what I'm good at," Babby said at his introductory news conference. "I know what I'm not good at. I've never told anybody I was Red Auerbach. I have no expectation of taking the lead on those kind of talent evaluation questions. My first order of priority is to bring somebody in here who is a basketball genius."

I'm not entirely certain I would use the words "basketball genius" to describe Jeff BIn ower, but he's certainly a candidate that is well-versed in talent evaluation and the basketball-ops side of a franchise.

I feel that HornetsReport's Eman5805 has found the perfect .gif for this news.

In other travails of former New Orleans Hornets, Paul Pressey has followed Byron Scott to Cleveland, according to the "The USA Today." It's all part of the strange coaching carousel. We take Cleveland's Mike Malone, Cleveland takes our Paul Pressey. It's a strange league.

Speaking of the strange NBA, John Reid wrote a rather lengthy column that is worth a read. He recaps the strange saga of Chris Paul's trade demand that wasn't, and talks about the state of the league. He doesn't really come to any remarkable conclusions, and he's mostly collecting facts that we've read in a thousand disparate locations.

As a final programming note, Rohan closed the comments on yesterday's Sunday Discussion inadvertently. While it was not intentional, I would not go so far as to say it was a mistake. However, if you desperately want to talk about Tyreke Evans and his voracious appetite for felonious speed, this is your forum.