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Looking at Lou

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Via Marc Stein at the Worldwide Leader:

It appears, though, that [Lou] Amundson’s wait might finally be ending. Sources close to the situation say that the 6-foot-9, 225-pounder is inching closer to a decision, with at least three teams known to be actively in pursuit – Golden State, New Orleans and Indiana. One source says an unidentified fourth team remains in the mix. 

Another source told that the Hornets and Warriors are making the hardest push..

So if Dell Demps has his way, Amundson could be NOLA bound. I don't see why any big man would ever want to come within fifty feet of Donald Nelson, but to err is human, or so they say. 

I'm still mildly surprised that Phoenix doesn't want to bring back Lou. For one, he appeared a fan favorite in PHX, for two, his quote- "I liked it there"- would indicate some reciprocity in the matter, and for three, he played a really solid two seasons for the team.

I'll save the full red carpet roll out/statistical breakdown thing for the odd chance he spurns the Golden and Hoosier States, but for now, I'll say a high-energy, adequate rebounding, shot-blocking big man would be a great addition to this team.