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Counting Our Money

It's been more than a month since I last broke out the handy salary chart, so off we go.

Player Dollars (in millions)
Chris Paul 14.9
Peja Stojakovic 14.3
Emeka Okafor 11.9
David West 8.3
Trevor Ariza 6.3
Darius Songaila 4.8
Marco Belinelli 2.4
Aaron Gray 1.3
Craig Brackins 1.1
Quincy Pondexter 0.9
Marcus Thornton 0.8
Free Agent #2 ---
Free Agent #3 ---
Free Agent #4 ---
Free Agent #5 ---
Hornets Total
66, 844, 938
Salary Cap
58, 044, 000
Luxury Tax
70, 307, 000

There we are. As we zoom forth into a brave new post-Collison world, the Hornets are now $3,462,062 under the tax. That should be enough to add three minimum-salaried players, one would think (though if one were like me, one would have discovered only last week that the minimum salary varies based on the player, and thus one would be rather unsure of any subsequent things one would think). 

But anyways, that's that. The recent trades slice some money off the payroll, but there simply aren't many free agent options left. Who wants fourteen million expiring dollars?