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ESPN Pulls LeBron James Story, Continues to Shred Own Integrity

You've no doubt heard about the LBJ-in-Vegas story that was published on ESPN this morning and promptly pulled. I'm sure they'll find some reason for its removal, but it was a fascinating read.

You can find the full story here

Some of the more.. interesting snippets, after the jump:

James' circle includes Randy Mims, seated to his right at the center of the table, Maverick Carter, seated at the head of the table, and Richard Paul, seated in front of James. The quartet makes up the initials behind LRMR Marketing, the management firm James founded almost four years ago with his buddies.

Seated to the right of James is Chris Paul, whose brother, C.J., is seated across from him. The New Orleans Hornets point guard has seen how James has positioned himself to win a championship by signing with the Miami Heat and joining forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and has reportedly considered a similar move himself. The truth is, in James' dream world, the duo he would love to play with for the next decade would be Wade and Paul, his two closest friends in the NBA. Paul has been like a brother to James since the two were in Las Vegas four years ago for USA Basketball training camp, when as a rookie he carried James' and Wade's bags to and from the team bus.
Carter, LeBron's childhood friend and manager, begins dancing around James like Puff Daddy in a Notorious B.I.G video. A giant red crown-shaped cake is brought over to James while go-go dancers dressed in skimpy red and black outfits raise four lettered placards that spell out, "KING." Carter grabs a bottle of Grey Goose and pours a quarter of it on the floor and raises it up before passing it off.
Toward the end of the night, Boston Celtics forward Glen Davis walks past James' party and looks at the scene up and down several times like a painting in a museum, soaking in the images of the go-go dancers, the "King" sign and the costumed man delivering bottles of champagne. Davis shakes his head and walks on.
Couple awesome reactions twatted by M. Moore and T. Ziller:

Dang. When Glen Davis thinks you're acting a fool...

Did Chris Paul decide not to join LRMR after the Vegas weekend? I can't imagine why!

And so, the greatest offseason in the history of the league spins merrily along.