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Sunday Discussion: A CP3-Less NOLA

Well, it wasn't going to be anything else.

Let's add a twist to the normal Chris Paul talk that we've seen all week, though. So far, we've talked way too much about CP's potential destinations, the future of the NBA and super teams, and so on. Chris Paul, and Chris Paul alone, has driven traffic through the roof here on At the Hive, and presumably on other sites as well.

Let's say for a minute that we know that tomorrow, Chris Paul presents a list of teams he wants to be traded to. And let's say the Hornets agree that they don't want to start Monty Williams' and Dell Demps' New Orleans tenures with a disgruntled superstar. (For the record, I still think CP will stay, for at least the upcoming season).

As awesome as Chris Paul was, is, and will be, we're fans of the New Orleans Hornets more than we're fans of Chris Paul. So let's talk about the future of the Hornets for a minute instead of the future of Chris Paul. There's a certain freshness to the team right now- two excellent sophomores, two new rookies, a new coach, a new GM, perhaps a new owner on the horizon. Trading Chris Paul would no doubt increase that newness. As a fan of the team, would you rather load up on draft picks (and let Demps mine talent from them) or bring back average to above average (young) talent like Anthony Randolph or Jameer Nelson? Both would undoubtedly contribute to the rebuilding feel, but which would be more effective in the short and long terms?

Other tangential topics: is basketball in New Orleans sustainable without a "superstar" player? Were the mid-00's Pistons a fluke construction that lacked a superstar and still won a Finals, or is that a viable option to model after? Keeping in mind the positions the Hornets would have under long term contract if Paul left (PG, possibly SG, possibly SF, possibly C), what would be the Hornets' weakest area they'd need to address immediately?