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Potential Chris Paul Destinations

I decided to do some research on where Chris Paul might be headed. Since I'm not intimately familiar with all the teams in the NBA, I decided to use the immense power of SBNation's vast network of experts. I checked every SBNation NBA site to see which teams think they could land Chris. The answer is: pretty much everybody.

Click through for a team-by-team roundup.

Atlanta Hawks: Peachtree Hoops has an entire thread devoted to landing Chris Paul. Most of the 100 comments are pegging the Hawks' chances at landing him of somewhere between 5 and 10%, with the remainder decrying the fact that the Hawks aren't a rumored destination for our disgruntled PG. 

Boston Celtics: CelticsBlog also put up a thread about Chris Paul, and the commenters here are more circumspect. Of course, Boston could have Chris Paul if they wanted him. But most of the commenters think that Chris Paul isn't an upgrade over Rondo, leading commenter johnnymost to ask the question on everybody's mind: "Can he play shooting guard?"

Charlotte Bobcats: Rufus on Fire hasn't put anything on their main page about Chris Paul (strange, considering that their local media is rumormongering like mad), but the FanPosts don't disappoint. In the past two days there have been 4 FanPosts speculating about a trade, my favorite being the one titled "Do we REALLY want Chris Paul?" The posters at Rufus on Fire seem to have a general consensus: they won't give up Gerald Wallace for CP3, but a straight up trade for Erick Dampier seems fair to them.

Chicago Bulls: We can reasonably rule them out. Nothing in the last several days over at Blog a Bull mentions Chris, so they appear willing to stand pat with D-Rose and company.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Fear the Sword takes a moment to step away from the ledge they've been standing on for the last few weeks to ask: "Can the Cavs work something to get Chris Paul?" The fine Cleveland fans, however, are extremely depressed and almost all say that no deal is forthcoming. My favorite comment comes from gujuknick:

Um, Matt Barnes just rejected two years $7M to take a 2 year, $3.6M deal with the Lakers. Yes ladies and gentlemen. Matt Barnes.

I think its safe to say Paul is not coming to Cleveland.

Detroit Pistons: Detroit Bad Boys has a FanShot asking whether the Pistons can nab Paul. The general consensus is that the Pistons shouldn't get any superstars, because they'll just leave and form superteams.

Indiana Pacers: Indy Cornrows doesn't appear particularly enthralled by an available CP3, as they haven't mentioned his availability in a post or a FanPost yet.

Miami Heat: It turns out that the number of superstars needed to satiate a fan base's appetite is three (unless that fan base is in Boston). Peninsula is Mightier hasn't made a peep about the Chris Paul rumors.

Milwaukee Bucks: Over at Brew Hoop, not a creature is stirring, not even Bango the Buck. But if he did, it would be totally incredible.

New Jersey Nyets: Nets Daily has a FanShot exploring the possibility of the Nets picking up Chris Paul. Commenters are cool to the idea, especially since it would likely require giving up Derrick Favors. Nets fans also appear very concerned about the health of Chris Paul's knee.

New York Knickerbockers: Our bitter enemy over at Posting and Toasting decided to put up a thread for Chris Paul trade speculation, which I'll begrudgingly admit is acceptable since New York is the most rumored destination for CP3. The great Thelonious Dunk captures the mood:

This, purely by its nature, is a very icky thread.
Like, Eddy Curry underboob icky.

Well said as always, P&T.

Orlando Magic: Orlando Pinstriped Post is giddy about their chance of landing Chris Paul. The excitement seems reasonable, since the Magic are another team that is widely considered a likely locale for Chris to ply his trade for the next two years.

Philadelphia 76ers: The friendly folks at Liberty Ballers appear too busy putting up extremely amusing posts comparing their team to Arrested Development characters to be bothered by ginning up ludicrous Chris Paul rumors. Finally, a blogger making good use of their offseason.

Toronto Raptors: RaptorsHQ is too busy doing "real work" and writing "high quality posts" to be bothered by this nonsense.

Washington Wizards: Bullets Forever has John Wall and his 6 turnovers a game in Summer League. What more can they want?

HALFTIME!!!!!! The score is tight: teams that think they can get Chris Paul - 8, teams that have better things to do - 7.

Dallas Mavericks: Mavs Moneyball thinks a trade for CP3 could be "A Match Made in Heaven." Their commenters agree, with 84% currently willing to trade most of their assets for Chris Paul. One commenter comes up with the first trade offer: "Jason Terry, Roddy Beaubois or both with a 2nd round pick for Chris Paul." Another snickers: "No offense, but that sounds like a very short phone call that likely eliminates the possibility of future phone calls."

Denver Nuggets: Possibly the most entertaining of the bunch, Denver Stiffs has an immense FanPost that concludes by rejecting a hypothetical Chauncey Billups for Chris Paul deal. Straight up. No other pieces. The general consensus is that Chris Paul is extremely overrated.

Golden State Warriors: Golden State of Mind has a couple of FanPosts suggesting a Stephen Curry for Chris Paul deal. I think I'm beginning to numb to seeing ludicrous trade proposals bandied about – I find this to be pretty standard fare, nothing too egregious.

Houston Rockets: The Dream Shake thinks this is the precise moment that the Rockets' front office has been waiting for, but their commenters aren't sure if they want Chris Paul if he doesn't list the Rockets as one of his top three destinations.

Los Angeles Clippers: One FanPoster at Clips Nation formulates a three-way deal between the Clippers, Bobcats and Hornets that would send Baron Davis to the Bobcats, Chris Paul to the Clippers, and, best as I can tell, nothing at all to the Hornets. Of course, Clippers Steve is too busy being generally awesome to be caught up in this rumor-mongering.

Los Angeles Lakers: Silver Screen and Roll posts a very reasoned take on the Chris Paul matter and formulates a couple of trades that are vaguely plausible but, by his own admission, unlikely. The commenters contemplate a crowded backcourt, while an onlooker with a razor-sharp wit interjects:
Passing up Chris Paul because you already have Fish and Blake would be like passing up a million bucks because you already have a Discover card.

Memphis Grizzlies: Straight Outta Vancouver is completely silent on Chris Paul, likely still stunned by the max signing of Rudy Gay.

Minnesota Timberwolves: You'd think that T-Wolves fans would be sick of point guards by now, but like the ravenous wolves they are, they're back for more. This FanPost suggests two deals: one to nab CP3, and the other to pry Carmelo from Denver. The commenters are intrigued.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Welcome to Loud City isn't looking to pick up Chris Paul, preferring instead to spend time thinking about the Thunder's impending dominance of the Western Conference.

Phoenix Suns: Bright Side of the Sun is silent on Paul, as well. I'm willing to bet that they're satisfied with Nash.

Portland Trailblazers: The incomparable Blazersedge is all over the Chris Paul rumors (they're usually all over them even when they don't exist). They have one immense thread about the prospect of a Chris Paul trade, but the more entertaining one is this: "NO News guy likes PDX's pieces best." Of course, that news guy is Fletcher Mackel, a man we all know and love for his ludicrous trade proposals. In this proposal, he even comes out and says that he has no sources, no inside information, and no knowledge about the matter. I don't think I'll ever get over Mackel being described as a "very solid league source."

Sacramento Kings: SacTown Royalty is totally cool with Tyreke Evans.

San Antonio Spurs: Pounding the Rock has nothing about Chris Paul, which makes sense. I doubt they'd be willing to move pieces when they already have Eva Longoria running the point.

Utah Jazz: SLC Dunk knows that Deron Williams is way better than Chris Paul, thank you very much.

FINAL SCORE: Teams that think they can get Chris Paul: 16, Teams that have better things to do: 13.

Looks like Dell Demps has a lot of offers for this Chris Paul fellow. From Erick Dampier to Chauncey Billups to Luke Walton, the Hornets have a lot of exciting options on the table. If you can find any more ridiculous trade proposals, let's hear them in the comments.