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Hugh Weber Expects to have GM by Tomorrow [Updated]

By collating information from multiple sources, it appears that Hugh Weber hopes to present Dell Demps, currently the Spurs' VP of basketball operations, as the new Hornets GM on Wednesday. First, from John Reid at the Times-Pic:

San Antonio Spurs vice president of basketball operations Dell Demps remains the frontrunner for the vacant New Orleans Hornets general manager's job according to sources, and team president Hugh Weber said Tuesday he would be disappointed if they don't name someone by Wednesday.


Weber said he interviewed seven candidates.

"I would be disappointed if we're not talking about tomorrow a filled position,'' Weber said. "But again, in fairness to the individuals that have not been contacted, I'd would not say what we are down to."

A couple of minor details: Weber went on to state that doing the interviews at Summer League made the process go much faster. Demps is also a candidate for the Phoenix Suns' GM position, where he would not be in control of basketball operations. At New Orleans, Demps would have total authority on the basketball ops side of the organization.

In addition, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has his ear to the ground, as usual:

The New Orleans Hornets and Phoenix Suns are both aggressively trying to hire San Antonio Spurs executive Dell Demps as general manager and have submitted proposals to lure him, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

From these two reports, it sounds like Hugh Weber wants to announce Dell Demps as the GM tomorrow, but the Suns might be able to lure him away from the Bayou. If so, then it's back to the drawing board for the Hornets' GM search. Should be a barnburner.

Late Update:

Woj tweets:

Hornets and Suns GM target Dell Demps left Phoenix for home and will spend a "short time" weighing two jobs before deciding, sources tell Y!

Looks like the timeline for the Hornets' GM search is controlled by Dell Demps.