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Hornets on the Internets: No Surprises Edition


The Hornets are buzzing around the internets with vague press releases and strange interviews. First, via the Times-Pic, Chris Paul says he's happy with the changes in New Orleans:

Three-time All-Star point guard Chris Paul said he likes the current changes under way with the New Orleans Hornets and believes they are moving in the right direction involving their search to hire a general manager.


Paul avoided speaking specifically about Jeff Bower's sudden departure after 15 years last week or his alleged wedding toast in New York last weekend, in which he predicted the formation of a big three with the New York Knicks involving himself and Carmelo Anthony - with the two joining newly acquired Amare Stoudemire.

It's pretty simple. He wants to stay in New Orleans, likes the direction the team is taking, but will leave if New Orleans isn't able to compete. Not particularly stunning.

Continuing with the theme of "no duh," the Times-Pic also reports on the joint press release sent out today by Shinn and Chouest:

Despite two sources confirming last week that New Orleans Hornets owners George Shinn and Gary Chouest were barely on speaking terms because of stalled negotiations involving their impending ownership transfer, Chouest and Shinn issued a statement Monday declaring they've been in constant communication.

The press releases are vague pablum that do not inspire confidence in the ownership transfer.

It seems that Hoopsworld has a decent feel for the situation:

The pending sale of the New Orleans Hornets from current majority owner George Shinn to minority owner Gary Chouest still seems nowhere close to getting done.

Sources in Las Vegas last week said both sides could not agree on a sale price and that with the Warriors having sold for a NBA record $450 million things could get even more contentious.

Hornets' president Hugh Weber is playing damage control on a number of fronts after the team parted ways with GM Jeff Bower last week and is trying to find a replacement GM.

Chaos appears to be reigning in New Orleans. We're in for an interesting week during this GM search.