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Sunday Discussion: Looking Back at Summer League

Well, that went by quickly. A week and five losses later, we've seen some good, some bad, and, let's be honest, some ugly. 

My quick thoughts after the jump, before I turn it over to you guys:

  • Q really came on strong once he got a couple games under his belt. Last night was exactly what we all envisioned for him on draft night. Obviously he's got a ton of work left to do to become an NBA contributor... but for now, he's got the mentality, the physical tools, and from what I can tell, willingness to work on it. Long post coming this week about Quincy and his game last night.
  • Over four games, it became clear that Brackins prefers a perimeter game to a post one. On the plus side, he does have a really nice shot, and he's not afraid to fire away. On the down side, he has a long road ahead of him to become an adequate post defender. Really hoping David West can show him a thing or two (and maybe turn him onto whatever weight training regiment he's on..)
  • Kyle Hines. Seriously. I don't know if I've ever seen a guy work as hard as Hines did over five games. He had at least a hand on every loose ball, every rebound, and literally did not take a single defensive possession off all week. Not sure if he fits in with New Orleans (though playing him at the 3 with Brackins at the 4 could be an intriguing pairing; both complement each other well), but I'm rooting for him to catch on with an NBA team.
  • Maurice Ager was the go-to player for the Summer Hornets (up until Q's explosion last night anyway). He showed good range, good athleticism, and pretty good ball handling ability. A cheap 3rd point guard/wing option? Maybe.
  • Coleman can certainly score, but he contributed little in the way of anything else. The bigs (Sonderleiter and Cusworth) were very disappointing overall. The 0-5 record was more a function of Collison and Thornton stepping out and Pondexter and Brackins taking a few games to find themselves, but the supporting cast behind Hines, Coleman, and Ager didn't really help much (Josh Carter was the best of the bunch there).
So feel free to jump in and talk about any of those points or toss in some of your own. Favorite players? Guys you want to see get camp invites? Notice anyone on other summer league rosters that could fill a need in New Orleans?