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Shinn and Chouest "Barely On Speaking Terms"

Via the Times-Pic, the first news on the ownership we've had in a while:

"The New Orleans Hornets’ transfer of ownership remains stalled because co-owners George Shinn and Gary Chouest are $24 million to $30 million apart in negotiations, according to two sources. 

Chouest’s unwillingness to agree to Shinn’s estimated value of the team is why he is seeking outside investors, sources close to the situation said.

Since negotiations stalled several weeks ago, Shinn and Chouest barely are on speaking terms, sources said. But Hornets President Hugh Weber denied the assertions Friday, saying both owners speak and collaborate on all team-related business — but they are not in a rush to get the transfer completed."

Doesn't look like this is coming to an end any time soon.