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@tH Talks to Quincy Pondexter

A transcript of my talk with Quincy Pondexter on Sunday (after the Heat game).

At the Hive: How did you feel about your performance today?

Quincy Pondexter: I played pretty decent today. Coulda did a little bit better, coulda got better at a couple of things, but at the same time, we saw a lot of positives out of it, and just gotta get better for next game.

@tH: Could you talk a little about the difference between the college environment and coming here to summer league, maybe in terms of guys' athleticism or experience?

QP: These guys are the best in the world. You have to learn how to adjust your game to playing at this top level. Adjusting to the speed, change of pace in this game. It's a lot of learning.

@tH: At Washington, you developed into a scorer over your four years. Was that due to you developing new basketball moves or a mentality, attitude thing?

QP: Some of both. For my team to win, they needed me to score in college. I just have to try and find my niche in the league.

@tH: Is there a part of your game you want to work on more than anything else before the season starts?

QP: Just continuously becoming a good all around player. All facets of the game. I'm a student of the game. I'm going to try and master every part of the game, and I won't stop working hard until that happens.

@tH: You and Craig had a little two man game going today. Is that something that just came together on the floor?

QP: You know, Craig, I've been seeing him play, I've seen him play a lot of times before. And now,  it's a good opportunity to work together. He's so skilled, and we complement each other by the way we play.

@tH: Last thing... I know you go by Q-Pon.. just wondering if you have any other names you go by?

QP: Haha, just call me Quincy or Q.