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Hornets on the Internets: Free Agency Edition


Free Agency is upon us. As you've been told countless times, this is the most exciting free agent period ever, which is precisely what makes it so banal. Steel yourself for ESPN turning into a 24/7 LeBron network. And you thought their Favre obsession was bad.

But take heart, in small corners of the internet, people realize that there are excellent free agents available not named James, Wade, or Bosh.

The big problem is in scope. Take a look at this list from Basketball-Reference. It has all the free agents available.178 free agents on the market, and over 100 of them are unrestricted. That means that any real analysis of a team's best options is going to take a ton of time and research, and even then it might be iffy. So take a look at the list, sort it by your stat of choice, figure out who you think is a good option, and talk about them in the comments or write a FanPost. Should be an entertaining time, if we can just avoid ESPN.

Hornets 247 has two posts up about free agency, and they're both worth a read. The author definitely looks at some diamonds in the rough, and that makes the posts pretty interesting. To give you an idea of how big this free agent class is, the first post talks about the Hornets' need for a Tony Allen type of player. It turns out that Tony Allen is a free agent this year. The sheer size and scope of this free agent class is mind-bending.

I feel that the most important thing to do during this free agent period is to not get too caught up in the latest rumors, since they're probably inaccurate. The Orlando Sentinel had a nice piece about this:

You can't believe anything anymore.

Not coaches. Not GMs. Not even the 11 o'clock news.

Over the last few days, we have heard media outlets tell us LeBron James is almost certainly headed to (take your pick) New York ... Chicago ... and, most recently, Miami.

Here is the latest in the ridiculousness: ESPN reported Tuesday that LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh held a summit in Miami this past weekend to discuss their plans for free agency. One problem: The Miami Herald reported Tuesday that Wade spent the weekend in Chicago.

Should be a crazy free agency period.

Finally, it appears that Byron Scott may soon be house hunting in the Cleveland area. ESPN reports that Scott will be the next coach of the Cavaliers, and puts the uncertainty surrounding that particular job in stark terms:

Scott does not know what kind of team he could be leading. If James re-signs with the Cavaliers, he could have an Eastern Conference contender on his hands. If James goes elsewhere, Cleveland will be in a rebuilding effort similar to the ones he took over in New Jersey and New Orleans.

Of course, we wish all the best to Byron, and look forward to the first time the Cavs play at the Hive.