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Revisiting Our Needs

Before getting to the Shopping List, let's revisit and revise this post from early May.

The Hornets' roster as it currently stands:

Point Guard

Signed Long Term: Chris Paul ('13), Darren Collison ('14)
Signed Short Term: Nobody


Signed Long Term: Marcus Thornton ('11, probably extended)
Signed Short Term: Nobody


Signed Long Term: Julian Wright ('12), James Posey ('12), Quincy Pondexter ('13)
Signed Short Term: Peja Stojakovic ('11), Darius Songaila ('11)

Front Court

Signed Long Term: Emeka Okafor ('14), David West ('12), Craig Brackins ('13)
Signed Short Term: Nobody?

Assuming James Posey and Darius Songaila continue to get minutes at power forward as they did last year, the front court, inconceivably, starts to looks crowded. Granted, it's not crowded with good post defenders or players with good low post offensive skills, but it's crowded nonetheless. As we noted yesterday, New Orleans will likely pick up three players in free agency, ranging from 4 to 8 million dollars total. Given that, does a player like Ike Diogu or Chris Wilcox (both of whom I would have ideally targeted) really fit? With a ton of short front court options (West, Brackins, Okafor, Posey, Songaila all fitting the bill), doesn't it make more sense to pick up a taller, maybe less offensively skilled, post defender?

The trade of Morris Peterson also means New Orleans has to pick up a wing in free agency. As the past two summers have taught us, that's easier said than done. It's interesting that our overall needs really haven't changed, post-draft.