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Hornets on the Internets: Monty Williams Edition


Time for a quick rundown of all the Monty Williams news we got over the weekend. 

Let's start at the beginning, with the official first report, from Yahoo! Sports

After pulling an offer to Tom Thibodeau, the New Orleans Hornets and Portland Trail Blazers assistant Monty Williams have agreed to the framework of a three-year contract for him to become the team’s head coach, a source briefed on the talks told Yahoo! Sports.

Later reports pegged the contract length at four years instead of three (the Hornets holding an option for the final year). Williams confirmed this to Jason Quick of the Oregonian

Williams said his three-year deal, with a team option for a fourth year, has yet to be finalized, but he added that he doesn’t expect any obstacles.

Though I assumed the NBA would prevent coaching hire announcements during the NBA Finals, the Hornets apparently will officially introduce Williams on Tuesday. From the Times-Pic:

New Orleans Hornets spokesman Harold Kaufman said Sunday they have tentatively scheduled a news conference for Tuesday to introduce Monty Williams as their new head coach.

The same story notes that Williams becomes the NBA's youngest coach, something At the Hive user QueenBee has already mentioned here and that ticktock6 mentioned at HornetsHype (happy birthday!)

At 38, Williams will become the youngest head coach in the league, supplanting 39-year-old Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra. Williams, who never been a head coach prior to accepting the Hornets' job, spent five years as an assistant with the Portland Trail Blazers.

If you missed Williams' interview on Portland radio yesterday, check it out here. I'll leave you with Williams' quotes from the earlier Oregonian story:

"We will play hard,’’ Williams, 38, said on Saturday. "That will be our calling card. We don’t have enough talent to finesse our way to wins every night, so hard work is going to be our hallmark.’’

"We have arguably the best point guard in the league, and that’s going to help me,’’ Williams said. "Chris and I will sit down and talk, because there’s no need for me to bring my X’s and O’s if it doesn’t fit with him.’’

Williams said he will travel to New Orleans on Monday and will start to think about assembling his staff after Tuesday’s press conference. He said he plans to meet with Paul and West separately in late July or early August to get input about the team’s offense.

If any of y'all are thinking about going to the airport, get us some pictures!