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Sunday Discussion: What's Monty Williams' Timeline?

I think we're all rather relieved to have a new coach. There are rules against making big announcements like coaching hires during the NBA Finals, so we likely won't see anything official for another week or so. But even though Monty Williams mentioned on the radio this morning that the deal isn't complete yet, it seems rather inevitable at this point.

Which segues to the next question: what kind of timeline does Monty Williams have in New Orleans? Most news outlets report that he'll be getting a three year contract with a team option for the fourth. 

How do you see Williams doing in Year 1 with virtually the same roster as last year (plus a healthy Chris Paul and a lottery pick)? What do you think will be the average fan's expectations this year and in 2011-2012? What would you define as success in 2011? 2012? Goals you think are reasonable and you'd like to see reached in the next five years?