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Monty Williams on the Radio

95.5 Portland radio had Monty Williams on this morning. Link here. It's a must listen.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Monty's an extremely eloquent, well-spoken guy. He talks at length about John Wooden's accomplishments among other subjects.
  • The radio guys ask him about who his assistants will be, but Monty says he still needs to talk with Nate McMillan and others about it.
  • He sounds really torn up about leaving Portland. To say this guy is loyal would be an absolute understatement. 
When was the last time you saw/heard of a fan base being so torn up over an assistant leaving? Maybe I'm overlooking some high profile assistants that have left for HC jobs over the years. I'm sure Thibodeau will be praised too, as he takes the Chicago job. But the amount of love Portland seems to have for MW (mW... you're being replaced!) is incredible. It really, really is. 

If you give that radio interview a listen, there's just a sort of calm you can detect in Monty's voice. A sort of confidence and steadiness that seems unshakable. I'm definitely one to put more stock in the quantifiable aspects of sport. But, like many of you have expressed in the comments, despite the lack of hard evidence, I can't shake the feeling that our next head coach is going to be a special one.