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Monty Williams is the New Coach of the New Orleans Hornets

I'd put up a FanShot link, but frankly all the coaching FanShotting is driving me a little crazy. From Y! Sports (surprise, surprise, it's A-Woj):

After pulling an offer to Tom Thibodeau, the New Orleans Hornets and Portland Trail Blazers assistant Monty Williams have agreed to the framework of a three-year contract to become the team’s head coach, a source briefed on the talks told Yahoo! Sports.

Hornets GM Jeff Bower abandoned his courtship of Thibodeau, a Boston Celtics assistant, on Friday afternoon, and entered into discussions with Williams to take the job. The source says the team will hold an option for the third season of the deal.

So there it is. Good riddance, Tom Thibodeau, and welcome, Mr. Williams!