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It's Getting Old

The prospect of an extensive, no holds barred coaching search thrilled me from the beginning. From a fan's perspective, it's one of the most important and exciting processes a team can go through. I'd initially hoped for one following Byron Scott's departure, but it really wasn't possible at the time. Then, summer began, and New Orleans started looking high and low for candidates that were young, old, ancient, specialists, and flat out idiots.

It's been a month now. And honestly, I'm absolutely sick of the whole thing. It's no longer a novelty, and it ceased to be fun three our four press leaks ago. 

Tom Thibodeau wants to go to the Bulls and is "intrigued" by the Nets. We get it. New Orleans isn't going to get LeBron James, Chris Bosh, or Dwyane Wade. We get it. The Hornets offered Thibodeau a contract, didn't want anyone to know about it, labeled all stories about the offer false, left the offer on the table for a week, started to get more desperate as Chicago and New Jersey entered the picture, issued an ultimatum, denied issuing said ultimatum, saw Thibodeau call their bluff, extended the deadline by a day, and reassured us that a deadline that never actually existed couldn't actually be rescinded. We get it. 

At the end of the day, hiring a new coach is only one step in the process. There's still the lottery player to be selected, the ownership saga to be completed, and free agent bigs to be signed. That's all just the immediate future. Next summer's expiring contracts, David West's future, and Chris Paul's eventual contract situation loom large, too. The Hornets' next coach is definitely a piece of the puzzle, and I don't want to undervalue the decision. But at the same time, do we really know enough about Thibodeau and Williams to conclusively say anything about who'll be more valuable? Can, realistically, the Hornets even make an accurate estimation? I don't know. I do know I'm ready for the process to move forward from the screeching halt it's come to: draft analysis, contract talks, free agency, and whatever else is around the corner.

Today, or tomorrow, or the day after, I'm sure I'll refresh Google News and see that we've hired Williams. And I can't imagine myself not being happy, encouraged, or relieved by it. Right now though, I'm tired of the mess this search has devolved into.