Note to Bower....If DC has to go....give us Danny Granger or Andrew Bynum

Option 1:

DC, Okafor, Posey, and Julian Wright for Danny Granger, Troy Murphy and AJ Price.

Murphy isn't much on D, but he is 6'11 with scoring and rebounding ability. Price fits a 10 min role behind CP3. Granger is from New Orleans and would instantly become our 2nd best player.

Starters: CP3 Thornton Granger West Murphy

Bench:Price, Peja, Pondexter, Brackins etc.

Option 2:

DC, Okafor, Aaron Gray (sign and trade) for Andrew Bynum

Starters CP3 Peja Pondexter West Bynum

Bench: Thornton, Ju Ju, Posey, Brackins

Option 3

Stand pat

CP3 Thornton Pondexter West Okafor

DC Peja, Ju Ju, Posey, Brackins