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Sunday Discussion: Nicknames!

The Hornets have a long, rich tradition in player nicknames. There was Muggsy, a nickname that transcended the name itself. There was Grandmama, an exploration in absurdism. There was Zo, refreshing in its simplicity. In modern times, we've seen the Ceiling Fan Repair Man and the Seventeen Foot Assassin, and 2009 brought the ultimate in self descriptors in Buckets and Dimes. 

Clearly, the new guys have some serious expectations to live up to. But with names like Quincy and Brackins and Pondexter and Craig, there's some serious potential here. 

A few notes, before I turn it over to y'all:


  • From what I gather, one of Pondexter's nicknames at U-Dub was Q-Pon. No, I do not like this nickname. At all. It follows in the ridiculous new craze of first initial plus first syllable of last name, and is lame. (And yes, I'm fully aware that Bob and Gil will be calling him this, without fail, in a couple months).
  • As Stu Scott noted, Craig Brackins like to skateboard. This SI story notes that he liked to "skate around campus on a Sector9 longboard." Use that how you will.
  • Quincy's father Roscoe was a prison guard at Corcoran State Prison, one of the most notoriously violent institutions in America. His nickname was Bonecrusher. 
Fire away folks.