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Rounding Up The Draft "Guarantees"

Through various sources, a significant portion of tomorrow's lottery picks are already known. I can't think of the last time the draft was so anticlimactic, but it appears to be shaping up that way for now. A run down:

  1. Washington will take John Wall with the first pick. 
  2. Philadelphia will take Evan Turner with the second pick. Not as certain as Wall at #1, but various rumors plus this indicate it's gonna happen.
  3. New Jersey will take Wesley Johnson with the third pick. This one sort of came out of left field; DX tweet from yesterday: "Wesley Johnson is moving up to 3, New Jersey, on our next mock coming shortly. Told New Jersey will take him and go for a PF in free agency."
  4. Detroit doesn't want Al Farouq Aminu at the 7th overall spot, and will pick up Ed Davis there.
  5. The Clippers have given Aminu a promise at #8 if he's still around.

So essentially, we know that Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins, and Greg Monroe will slot into the 4, 5, and 6 positions, though we don't know the exact order. By pick 8, Wall, Turner, Johnson, Favors, Monroe, Cousins, Aminu, and Davis will be gone.

Draft Express also tweeted this yesterday: "The New Orleans Hornets' board, from what I can gather, looks like this: Xavier Henry, Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich. Not 100% on order."

From the looks of things, Utah may want a wing at #9 (DX suggesting Luke Babbit or Gordon Hayward). Indiana has been repeatedly linked with Baylor forward Ekpe Udoh. There appears to be a decent chance that all three of Henry, Patterson, and Aldrich will be available when our turn comes up.