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The Inaugural At the Hive Draft Jamboree

Stolen shamelessly from Sactown Royalty's Draft Extravaganza. (Except this won't be nearly as extravagant or even remotely as royal). 

The Idea: We've had a lot of new readers, a lot of new commenters, and in general, a lot of new members of the At the Hive community over the past two months. Having regular, intelligent visitors makes the writing a lot more fun for me, and, I'm willing to bet, the commenting a lot more fun for you. As a way to say thank you (and inspire lurkers to comment more, hopefully), At the Hive will be giving away a replica jersey from the Hornets store to a lucky winner.

Sure, this could be a massive failure with, like, ten participants. Onwards, I say! You can't lose the games you don't win!

Wait, that doesn't sound right.

The Rules: In the comments, tell us the following:

1. Who does New Orleans take with the 11th pick? (If you think we trade the pick, write: nobody)

2. Who will Miami take with the 11th pick of the 2nd round (the pick we gave up to get Marcus Thornton)? 

3. How much time will be on the draft clock when New Orleans makes its selection? 

The first question takes precedence over the second, and the second over the third (so the second is a tiebreaker for the first, and the third is a tiebreaker for the second). If that makes sense. Format your answers like so:

1. Xavier Henry
2. Lance Stephenson
3. 1:57

One entry per person. Leave all guesses in the comments section for THIS post. Comments for this post will automatically close at Noon Central, Thursday, June 24th. We'll notify the winner, and they can inform us which replica they want (I believe has Paul, West, Posey, Peja, and Wright). 

Happy guessing, everyone.