Marcus Thornton to the Kings?

I've been working on my mock draft and wanted to float an idea past you guys. At #5, I don't really love anyone for the Kings. I have Cousins and Favors gone and I don't love the fit of any of the players with the current roster. I also think that the key to that squad is finding the right pieces to put around Evans. I think Marcus Thornton could be an ideal complement to 'Reke at the 2.

Would you swap #11 and Thornton for Jason Thompson and #5? Personally, I think it's a great deal for the Hornets. They'd be able to grab Wes Johnson with the #5 to grab a nice running mate for CP3 and a nice big man to add to the rotation. Basically, the question is: would you rather have Thornton and Udoh/Patterson at #11 or Johnson and Thompson?

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