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Sunday Discussion: Trading Darren Collison

Dimes is going to be a hot commodity this summer. There are plenty of teams in the NBA that could use the services of a point guard (not to mention a young, coach-able, cost-controlled one). In the three point era, only eight point guards posted higher rookie PER's than Collison (C. Paul, E. Johnson, S. Francis, T. Evans, A. Miller, B. Knight, S. Douglas, D. Stoudamire). You can call that something of a cherry-picked stat (and you'd be right), but it's still a good way to historically contextualize just how impressive a rookie campaign he had.

New York, Cleveland, the Lakers, Miami, and Detroit are all teams that could use a new starting point guard next season, and surely there are more places that could use Collison's talents. 

Normally, I really dislike "build your own trade" posts, but with the Hornets' glaring defensive weaknesses in the front court and overall weaknesses at forward, I think this is a question the Hornets will really have to ponder this summer. 

So today's topic of discussion: would you at all consider trading Darren Collison? If so, what is the minimum return you'd expect back?