Stashing Donatas Motiejunas

I was thinking about the upcoming draft and what we need and what might actually be there. Looking at out roster and our weaknesses everybody agrees that we need a big man to defend and rebound. In the upcoming draft a lot of big men will be available. Nevertheless, I think there are only four to really consider since they are sure contributors: Monroe, Aldrich, Patterson and Udoh (in that order). All the other bigs are mainly projects (and I dont want another of those - Armstron, Simmons, JuJu...).

My hope is that we get one of the above mentioned and we can be pretty sure that this years draft will be a success just like last years draft (Udoh has his offensive limitations but could work with CP3 and DC very well). If none of these four are available I recommend drafting Motiejunas and stashing him in Europe for one more year and let him grow. He'd be the best talent available and could become a perfect replacement for Peja (whose contract is running out), since he could slide between the 3 and the four. The next season still wont be a run at the title anyway. We still have Ike(hopefully healthy) to back up West. Moreover, Donatas wouldnt count against this years salary cap. This could be helpful in obtaining another free agent via trade or signing. Most good teams (well mainly the Spurs) take this rout and usually are quite successful with it.

What do you guys think.