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The Hornets, Synergy Sports Style

Play-by-play analysis of NBA games is finally here.

Well, actually it was here for a while, just not publicly available. The predecessor to Synergy Sports, founded by Garrick Barr, began tracking every play of every NBA game in 1998. Eleven teams reportedly subscribed to those play-by-play reports tracking individual player tendencies (but not video). In 2000, Barr joined forces with Nils Lahr, a Microsoft engineer, to provide video to supplement the initial data reports. Fourteen teams had subscribed to Synergy's services in 2007, including both 2006 NBA finalists, the Mavericks and the Heat. As of last year, that number expanded to 27. (On that note, which teams most likely do not subscribe? My money would be on Golden State (duh), and, um, us). 

Awesomely, Synergy will be providing SBNation blogs access to their video database. Essentially, this will mean a summer of mind-blowing posts. Huzzah. Synergy recently rolled out a "fan" version of its services for the super-cheap cost of $29.95, where you can see every play by every player in the '09-'10 season. Overall, this is probably the coolest advancement in the game of basketball since they made the switch from peach baskets. 

I'll be using the Synergy Sports data to do a revamped version of the How'd He Do? series you may remember from 2008 (recapping each player's season). Expect a post later today, analyzing our defense a little more closely.