Collison was top 3 rookie last year

A friend and I were talking, or well I asked him since he's a bigger hoops fan than I, whether Collison could've been ROY if he had started all year and played all games, he almost laughed in my face, but I was sure Collison could've been close, so I started calculating the stats comparing them with Evans.

What I did was I multiplied their numbers so they were equivalent to them playing 48 minutes in all 82 games (3936 minutes total). I then found out how much I had to multiply their numbers with (Evans was 1.47 and Collison was 1.866).

Their numbers per game then looks like this:

Collison: 4.37 rebounds, 9.94 assists, 1.79 steals, 21.76 points.

Evans: 6.81 rebounds, 7.43 assists, 1.30 steals, 26.00 points

Not close enough to become ROY, but it's still pretty close IMO, I haven't done this with the Curry or Jennings, but I think you could easily argue that he would have ended over at least one of those two.