GM [Trade Idea]: Chris Paul to Portland

[Ed. note: Sorry, had to insert the [Trade Idea] into the title, had a near heart attack when I first saw it]

Blazers fan here. I know this situation may have about a 0.0003% chance of happening, but just pretend you are the Hornets GM. If Portland GM Kevin Pritchard called you this offseason and asked what it would take to get CP3 from you, what would you tell him?

Now I realize that you all love Chris Paul, with good reason. I'm sure some will say Roy, Aldridge and Batum or something else ridiculous like that, but try to be realistic. Something that both sides might do.

Things to keep in mind:

1) Paul Allen has deep pockets.

2) New Orleans is trying to save money/stop it from leaking out.

3) Draft picks and cash can be included.