Peja is more important than you think

Who would have thought that this aging, past his prime, overpaid veteran who can't even defend is one of the keys to the Hornets' basic survival? The thing is we have been 4-16 without Peja Stojakovic and it has destoyed hopes for getting anywhere near the playoffs or anywhere at all. His mere presence on the court gives everyone especially Chris Paul and recently Darren Collison a lot of breathing room to drive, score, rip apart defenders and do whatever they want to. This effect would be best utilized if we get a center who can dominate in the paint since Emeka Okafor really isn't meant to be a 20 points a night guy . For the off-season it would probably be best to keep him, and once his contract is up re-signing him for a lower priced contract would be best for the Hornets; but then again what do you guys think?