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The Perfect Game

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I enjoyed John Reid's article that ran in yesterday's Times Picayune, so I figured I'd link it for anyone that hasn't had a chance to read it.

Reid focused on Emeka Okafor, his gameday routines, and their reflection on his personality -- on and off the court.

A snippet of the piece:

No Hornets player goes through a routine like Okafor, and none has matched Okafor's 238 consecutive games played streak going into Monday's game against Golden State at the New Orleans Arena.

Okafor's pregame routine is just one aspect exemplifying his intense drive for perfection. During his rookie season in 2004-05 with the Charlotte Bobcats, Okafor said he researched and wanted to know how former NBA centers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Hakeem Olajuwon and power forward Karl Malone were able to extend their careers beyond 17 years.

"With yoga, I heard Kareem used to do it, '' Okafor said. "Pilates, Hakeem said he did it. The stretching thing, I heard Karl did it. So I said those dudes played a long time and did those things, why not me.''

Here's the entire article.  Hope y'all enjoy it.