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It's Worth Noting

As I'm sure you've all noticed by now... the Hornets beat the Lakers on Monday night.

And who saw that coming?

A really balanced attack from our guys against the reigning world champs.  Six players scored in double figures.  The bench provided 42 of the team's 108 points.  The team shot 49.3% from the field overall (43.5% from deep) and finished just below their season average from the stripe, converting 76.5% of their free throws.

As tempting as it is to call the win bittersweet, as it came just two days after the Hornets were officially mathematically eliminated from the playoff race... I'd prefer to look at Monday's win as a sign of things to come.  Rather than focus on what could've been (this year), let's look forward to what might be (next year).

The three-headed monster that is Chris Paul, Darren Collison, and Marcus Thornton is going to be insanely fun to watch.  Take a minute and appreciate the fact that we have two rookies who should get consideration for ROY honors this year (neither will win, but I'll be shocked if either one of them doesn't receive at least a handful of votes) -- and they hardly even played during the first month of the season.

Game on tonight with the Washington Wizards in town.  Here's hoping to seven more games like Monday's.