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@tH Talks to Marcus Thornton

I had a chance to have a quick talk with Marcus Thornton the other day. Of course, my interviewing instruments had to fail midway through, but the Hornets were kind enough to finish it up for us.

At the Hive: First of all, thanks for taking the time to talk to us at At the Hive. I understand you had a pretty busy practice this morning.. could you take us through what happens at an average practice?

Marcus Thornton: We get there about 9:30, 9:45, we do a couple drills, everybody gets stretched, taped up. We call it in, [coaches] take us through a couple drills. On game day, we practice for about an hour. Usually practice lasts about an hour, forty five, two hours.

@tH: A lot of your fans have nicknamed you "Li'l Buckets" and it seems to be sticking. How do you like that nickname, and do you have any others?

Marcus Thornton: I think the nickname is cool. If the fans like it, I like it. Never had any other nicknames, that I knew of anyways.

@tH: Coach Jeff Bower took over a little bit into the season. How was that transition for the team, and did you notice any specific changes between him and Coach Scott, maybe in practice or other places?

Marcus Thornton: Coach Bower wants to get in and get things done and get out of there. We’re playing a lot now, so he doesn’t want to hurt us too bad in practice knowing that we probably have to play the next day.

@tH: You've been really successful playing offense off-the-ball, coming off screens, and finding open space... how do you develop and practice that skill?

Marcus Thornton: When guys are healthy and we can play 5 on 5, coach Pack helps having us come off screens. Me and DC get there like an hour early to get our work in doing that.

@tH: Seems you've been wearing a shooting sleeve on your left arm at home, but not the road. Does the sleeve help in any sense?

Marcus Thornton: I don’t wear that anymore. It’s something I saw coming into the NBA and I thought it looked cool. I don’t even wear it anymore, home or away. It didn’t affect me anyway, it’s just something I saw.

@tH: We'll end with some quick hitters, so just a one or two word answer. Favorite food?

Marcus Thornton: Cornbread dressing.

@tH: Favorite Movie?

Marcus Thornton: Friday (ed. note: awesome movie, and also LBJ's favorite. So good choice)

@tH: Favorite Song?

Marcus Thornton: Bedrock (ed. note: J.R. Smith is in the music video for this song, apparently)

@tH: Favorite NBA City?

Marcus Thornton: Miami

@tH: Funniest Hornet?

Marcus Thornton: Peja Stojakovic

Thanks to Marcus and the Hornets (big shout to Travis at PR) for making this happen.