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Jersey Contest Update, Day 5

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Answers from the Detroit Game:

First Scorer: David West (5 points)
Backup to use 2nd most possessions: Willie Green (5 points)
Guess the Attendance: 11,000 (5 points)
How Many Player Technicals: 0 (5 points)
Will Gary Chouest be at the game: No (2 points)

Thanks to the #twittersection for the answer to that last question.

All in all, this was one of the easier contest days, as picking any reasonable attendance or technical foul number earned a decent chunk of points. I switched up the backups question to account for the fact that everyone (smartly) answered Willie Green for most possessions used every time. Right on cue, Willie Green came in second last night to Jarrett Jack.

73% of players selected West to be the first scorer, 33% selected Green to use the second most possessions, three people guessed that there would be zero technicals, just two people guessed the attendance (sXe hXc AMF and mattmc89), and 56% of players correctly speculated that Gary Chouest would not be at the game.

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