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Game 21: Hornets vs. Pistons

For their first time in franchise history, the Hornets will play a game with a person other than George Shinn as the owner. I wonder if David Stern will be sitting courtside when the game tips off at 7pm. Rohan has to take two finals back to back during the game, so you guys get to read my (significantly less good) preview instead.

The Pistons Outlook

The Pistons stand at 7-14, an awful team that is nonetheless competing for the coveted 8th seed with 7 other dreadful teams that all have between 6 and 8 wins. The team's main strength is its impressive stockpile of mediocre players. It's main weakness is that it doesn't have anybody that's all that good. Richard Hamilton's skills have continued to erode (he's expected to be back from injury this game), and Tayshaun Prince peaked three years ago. Ben Wallace is old and mediocre (but still plays surprisingly good defense) and Rodney Stuckey now appears to be the team's best player, a bright spot on an aging and declining team.

The Matchup

This is the kind of game that I would have expected New Orleans to win with ease a few weeks ago, but now I feel that the Hornets are an enigma. Sure, on paper, the Hornets are better at almost every position (the Pistons probably have better bench play, though), but I'm interested to see how the team reacts to the uncertainty surrounding the franchise given the 2-6 slide over the past 8 games. Nonetheless, the Hornets are 8-2 at home, and the Pistons are not a good basketball team. Should be an interesting game.

If you haven't already, make sure you enter the jersey contest today.

Geaux Hornets.