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Sunday Discussion: Our New Orleans Future

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It's hard to separate the fact from the fiction at this point.

The NBA may purchase the Hornets.

John Reid says Gary Chouest has pulled out of a potential deal.

There are rumors that George Shinn wants to be out by 2010 no matter what.

There are rumors that the NBA wants to keep the franchise in NOLA.

There's always the usual chatter about a team returning to Seattle.

There are rumors that a Midwest location- STL or KC- would be more likely.

The team could go with a re-brand in terms of history, name, logo.

Charlotte has been on the lookout for a re-brand itself, perhaps reacquiring its old history if New Orleans rebrands.

What are the odds attendance recovers? What are the odds the opt-out clause is triggered?

How does all of this play into the future of Chris Paul? David West? Future free agents?

Who do we trust here? What do believe? 

I don't know.

These are strange, strange times.