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Jersey Contest Update

Two games are in the contest books.

As I mentioned earlier, Week 1 is a test run, a time for us to iron out the kinks. And I believe the first kink has been found- guessing the point scores probably earns you too many points. Right now, the three "questions" can earn you a maximum of 5, 5, and 2 points, while guessing the scores earn you a maximum 20 points. So I'll even that out a little by making the maximum for guessed scores 10 points (5 for our score, 5 for the opponents'). 

This doesn't affect the overall leaderboard too much, but it makes the field a little more competitive in terms of overall point spread.

Here's the updated leaderboard through 2 games. 

For the Knicks game, Emeka Okafor scored the first points (correctly guessed by one person), Wilson Chandler attempted more threes than Ariza (correctly guessed by 67% of contestants), and Jarrett Jack led the bench in possessions used (correctly guessed by nobody). 

Click here to enter Sunday's contest... which has some more entertaining questions. The point values for Sunday are 5, 5, 5, 5, 2, with a sliding scale (0-5 and 1-5 possible) for the first and second questions. Happy guessing!