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Hornets on the Internets: Ugh Edition

Your morning (M-F) links. Happy National Chocolate Day

  • National Chocolate Day is most definitely my kind of holiday. 
  • I was going to lead with SBN Wolves' site Canis Hoopus' recap of the game, but I can't seem to find it any more. In any case, check them out (you masochist).
  • The Saints won last night.
  • James Grayson writes that the Hornets have been too inconsistent this season while Michael McNamara notes that a lack of intensity coupled with a hot shooting night by Minnesota spelled the Hornets' downfall.
  • If you're into trade speculation, Hornets Report has a thread for that.
  • LeBron James claims he never said the word "contraction." Okay Lebron. The leaders of a billion dollar industry were definitely going to take their cues from a guy with a high school diploma. Good thing you cleared it up for all of us!
  • Finally, if you haven't yet heard, Tom Ziller is taking over as the new editor of SBNation NBA. Ziller, for my money, is the best, most consistently thought-provoking basketball writer out there today (outside of the Kevin Peltons and various stat-heads of the APBR forums obviously). His latest feature on age and losing in the NBA is highly recommended.