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Christmas Day Open Thread

Merry Christmas everyone.

As you've no doubt heard by now, there are games aplenty on today's schedule. Specifically, we've got:

Bulls vs. Knicks, 12 PM ET, ESPN

Celtics vs. Magic, 2:30 PM ET, ABC

Heat vs. Lakers, 5 PM ET, ABC

Nuggets vs. Thunder, 8 PM ET, ESPN

Blazers vs. Warriors, 10:30 PM ET, ESPN

Feel free to talk about any of the games throughout the day. I'll have a Staturday up at some point as well. Finally, I figure that those twisted individuals camping out an At the Hive over Christmas might as well be rewarded for it. If you leave your predictions for leading scorer in the Heat/Lakers game in the comments, I'll give 10 extra Jersey Contest points to all who get it right.

Have a great day everybody.