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Attendance and Tickets

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Okay, it's time for another tickets/attendance post. The Hornets struggled with attendance through the season's first month, but as the Saints' season hurtles towards the playoffs and as the New Orleans Business Council continues to commit dollars and tickets to the cause, things look positive. What a surprise!

Through 15 home games, the Hornets now have a reported attendance of 13,801 (28th in the NBA), and an 81% sell-out percentage (21st in the NBA). In recent games, they've fared decently. Against a bad Kings team, the Hornets reported the attendance at 13,325, against the Jazz a figure of of 14,414, and against the Nets on Wednesday, 15,423. Home games against the Lakers and Magic still remain on the schedule before the benchmark deadline. 

Meeting the benchmark isn't nearly as much of a lost cause as most national media have been reporting. So the overall message remains the same: go to games! And the team is making that goal a little bit easier for fans.

A deal via the Hornets: anyone that refers three people to buy 5 game holiday packages gets a free pair of tickets. As we mentioned last week, the holiday suite special ends on January 5, and the first game to the Purple 5 game plan starts on Dec 29. Direct all questions (and referrals) to