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Catching Up with Jerryd Bayless

When we last left our fearless hero, he was busy carving up an already rather carved Detroit Pistons defense. Since that time, have things gotten more or less carvey for our Canadian pal? Full story at 11. Er, after the jump.

December 14th @ Charlotte

Bayless' very next game didn't see him enjoy as much success. The Bobcats turned a 6 point halftime deficit into a 6 point victory. While Jerryd Bayless managed to pick up 7 assists and limit D.J. Augustin to 12 points (12 shots) and 7 assists, he shot just 6 for 14 from the field and finished with 4 turnovers in his 34 minutes.

December 15th vs. Chicago

The Raptors immediately returned home to Toronto to face the Bulls the next day. Chicago thoroughly dismantled the Raptors, taking a 27 point lead into the fourth quarter and ultimately winning by 17. However, Bayless had a decent individual game. Derrick Rose finished just 3 of 9 for Chicago, while Bayless converted 9 of 15 attempts for 20 points, 4 assists, and 1 turnover.

December 17th vs. New Jersey

Two days later, Jose Calderon returned to the starting lineup for the Raptors in place of Bayless. Calderon logged 34 minutes in the Raptors' 6 point victory to Bayless' 14. JBay finished with 2 points on 4 shots and a turnover. 

December 19th vs. Los Angeles

Bayless' bench exploits (or lack thereof) continued against the Lakers. He received just 18 minutes to Calderon's 36. Overall, he finished 1 for 7 from the floor with 2 turnovers. 

December 22nd vs. Detroit

Bayless sat out with food poisoning.


Since Calderon's return to the lineup, Bayless has had his minutes slashed severely. Overall, he's still hitting an absurd percentage of his three point shots (40%), but his crazy defensive rebounding percentage has started to plummet, and his overall numbers have begun to somewhat stabilize. Jarrett Jack continues to struggle in New Orleans but has shown signs of finding some rhythm lately; it should only be a matter of time before their numbers begin to resemble one another. It's disappointing to see that Bayless has been dropped as a starter though.